I currently am reading primarily  high, epic, grimdark, YA fantasy – yes, you got it, any fantasy book just is on my radar.

In the best tradition of book reviewing, here is my rating system, provided that my reviews are always reflecting my personal opinions on the books:

5 stars: Love at first sight. The book had all I was looking for entertainment and met all my expectations! A piece of art!

4 stars: long-lasting love but it requires some work. I really liked the books with this rating, a (guilty) pleasure!

3 stars: It requires time to build a solid relationship: I liked the book, it certainly was entertaining and had some of all the right stuff for me – pretty much is a solid work but it did not win me over entirely.

2 stars: it is an “it’s complicated relationship”. Meh. I read it, I was able to finish it but it really missed most of the notes I was looking for.

1 star: I am sorry, we are not meant to be with each other at all. I gave it all, I really tried my best but I was not even able to finish the book.

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