Welcome back to my blog! Wednesday really means Top 5 Wednesday (click here to get more information about the group!) and without further due let’s dive into the topic: Favorite underrated books!

The list is in no particular order but these are all books I gave 4 or more stars, books that gave me something new and different. And I was shocked to know that these book have so few “reviews” on Goodreads. Hence I thought they needed more shut out!

Malice, book #1 of the Faithful and the Fallen by John Gwynne

This is a traditional medieval fantasy book with significant military aspect and multiple points of view, with a huge religious impact on the series – as the title of the series might suggest.
The writing is delightful, the books address political, military, religious and other themes; it deals with death, betrayal, loyalty, love, family relationships, magic, giants, angels.
It is a complex book, introducing a great world, used at its full potential the map and the world as it is built.

I am proud to say that this is a book I “found” by myself, I research a lot before giving it a go, no one suggested this book and no one I knew at the time read this book (or books of the series).
And I loved it. I just need to finish the series but if you love fantasy, traditional, with a medieval setting and with some twists to it, this is the book for you!

The Waking Fire, book #1 of the Draconis Memoria by Anthony Ryan

Fantasy readers tend not be new to Anthony Ryan; I am exception to this though because I never read anything by Anthony Ryan but I wanted to try reading this book.
I was blown away, I could not stop reading it, I could not stop loving the characters, I could not stop thinking about the book!
The story is set in a steampunk world – and I was never interested in steampunk! – where dragons and gifted people are at the center of the development of this story. I do not want to give anything away.

I am actually thinking about working on a review shortly because it was such an amazing read, it deserves more from me! In the mean time, please feel free to read my review on Goodreads!

The Thousand Names, book #1 of the Shadow Campaigns by Django Wexler

Ah, you know I am in love with this book. I just did I a gush review of the book (here) and I cannot stop stating how impressed I am with this book. Just make yourself a favor and start this book.

The Invisible Library, book #1 of The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman

This was such a gem buried under a ton of less interesting books.
Imagine this: A female 007, working for the Library (yes, it still means a place filled with books!), with intrigue, twists and dragons. Yes, you heard it, dragon, fae and other magical creatures.
The book is primarily set in a Victorian London – another delightful element, I almost felt like being in a Bronte book but with a spy as the main character – and the main character is an extremely like-able and relate-able. She gets entangled in an multidimensional mess which she needs to solve with her assistant, against another (flashier) spy colleague and several scary foes!

I will continue reading the series and I will provide you with more thoughts about the series itself during the year!

Promise of Blood, book #1 of the Powder Mage series by Brian McClellan

This is another book I read just in the last month and I was so obsessed about it!
I would almost say that this is heavily inspired by the French Revolution (there are so many similarities) and I just loved it. I actually was particularly inspired by the Enlightenment philosophy and the (American and) French Revolution; and I did not even know this book would be inspired by this period!
The plot is great, it keeps pulling you into the middle of things; the magic systems (yes, there are several levels of magic abilities and they are separate and work on different levels) are pure genius and the characters are just magnetic. I had a hard time putting the book down and I liked this book so much I felt like reading – and read – a prequel book which I generally try to avoid.
What are your favorite underrated books? Have you read the books I refer to? Would you agree with this assessment?