I am particularly excited today because I will be making my first Top 5 Wednesday (T5W) post!

If you want to know more about Top 5 Wednesday, please visit the link to the Goodreads group here!

This post is dedicated to the 2017 goals, so here we go! And yes, this seems to be a duplication of yesterday’s post but I just joined the T5W and I thought this was a perfect post to start with!

1. Complete the 100 books challenge.
I set a an extremely ambitious reading goal and I am going to check half way through whether I am on track or not.
It is a difficult goal – I have a full time job that usually expands to 50/60 hours a week which is awesome but it might reduce my reading time. Another challenge is presented by Overwatch and World of Warcraft: Once I start playing, it will be difficult for me to stop.
In essence, ambitious goal but I will re-evaluate the progress on a monthly basis and possibly I will readjust the goal.

2. Rating
In June 2016 I joined Goodreads and found the love for books and the reading community of my favorite genre and books.
Provided that I discussed this goal in more detail yesterday in my post, I want to use a greater range of ratings to be able to modulate appropriately my scores.

3. Blogging about books
Last year I had some ups and downs with blogging, I started my own experience, I had the fantastic opportunity to join another group of talented bloggers but it did not click. So I re-started the solo experience. Hence I want to be able to resume sharing my love for books!

4. Be more active – not only physically but be more engaged in general beyond work.
Besides work, I tend to be very lazy. If there is something that I am not too interested in, I will definitely avoid doing a task until it is necessary. Also, I have stopped going to the gym and I believe my body is not too happy – I feel more tired than I should be.
Hence, the life goal will be to be more active!

5. Make monthly TBR and actually try to stick to them as much as possible!
As we all know, the best part of participating in a reading community is the exposure to books and authors you might not know. The only downside is that the TBR list just explodes.
I want to be more “organized” in this and actually create a monthly TBR and try to stick to it as much as possible (and I am avoiding to state to comply with it in absolute terms because it is normal to change plans and I want to allow myself a bit of flexibility).
One additional wrinkle to this will be that, if I actually start a new series, I need to stick to it until I finish it. I can modulate it in reading back to back or one book a month (or another cadence) but I need to constantly keep reading the series, so I do not end up having too many loose ends!

All in all, I am excited about the new year!
What are your goals? Do you have thoughts about my goals? Comment down below!

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